Partnership with IRION – Exclusive distribution

in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia

In 2019, a new era began for the already existing, proven cooperation between IRION, the German specialist for dispensing guns and sealant presses, and us. The aim is to act together as a high-performance, full-service provider with a special customer focus.


Together with IRION we raised our cooperation, which exists since 2014, to a new level. Although many processing tools for PU foams and adhesives from IRION have already been used, we are now focusing on even closer cooperation and customer service from a single source.

Start in 4 markets - Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia
The overall programme of IRION can now be ordered from our sales programme.

Our highly qualified and experienced team was specially trained in preparation for the cooperation. This now ensures expertise in all areas - PU foam, sealants, joint sealants and most recently also processing tools. Benefit from sophisticated complete solutions instead of just individual products.

Product examples:

  • Kartuschenpresse eXcePt-310
  • Alurohrpresse FX7-60
  • Dosierpistole Guardia X7
  • Akkupresse Powerjet-Li 310 7,4 V

The entire product variety can be found in the IRION online catalogue: