Window Connection System BG1

Window installation - now easier & more efficient

Weather protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, airtightness ... a perfectly built-in window has a lot of requirements to meet - not only in new buildings, but also in renovated old and existing buildings.

Until now at least 3 different materials and sealing levels were required for the completion of the window installation.Now much less effort is needed for the impact rain proof, heat- and sound-insulated, airtight window installation. The INSEBO® Window Connection System BG1 was especially developed for connection to an existing composite thermal insulation system or to the load-bearing structure. Which saves time, material and in the end cuts costs from about 10 to 15%.

Quicker dense & done with INSEBO®

Window Connection System BG1

The INSEBO® Window Connection System does not require an internal sealing: The highly flexible gun foam INSEBO® Weichzellschaum ensures heat and sound insulation as well as airtightness.

On the outside, the foil tape Folienband FA Easy Soft makes your window permanently rainproof in the lower horizontal area. The reveal can be sealed with the proven pre-compressed joint sealing tape Hannoband BG1.

Both INSEBO® Window Connection Systems (a smart combination of high-quality INSEBO® products) meet all the requirements for high-quality window connection joints. They have been extensively tested by Holzforschung Austria in accordance with Austrian standards ÖNORM B 5320/5321. In addition, the customer benefits from more than 20 further tests that underline and distinguish the performance of the system components.

The INSEBO® Window Connection System BG1 at a glance:

  • suitable for every requirement: especially for renovations
  • saves up to 15% window installation costs
  • no room-side sealing required
  • demonstrably airtight, impact rain proof, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing