Window Connection System FA Easy

Window installation - now easier & more efficient

Weather protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, airtightness ... a perfectly built-in window has a lot of requirements to meet.

Until now at least 3 different materials and sealing levels were required for the completion of the window installation.
Now, with the innovative INSEBO® Window Connection System, much less effort is needed for the impact rain proof, heat- and sound-insulated, airtight window installation. This saves time and costs.

Quicker dense & done with INSEBO®

Window Connection System FA Easy

The proven INSEBO® Window Connection System FA Easy has only two main components: The highly flexible gun foam INSEBO® Weichzellschaum ensures tested airtightness, heat- and sound insulation. On the outside, the foil tape Folienband FA Easy Soft makes your window permanently rainproof. The adhesive INSEBO® Dichtkleber F is recommended for sealing the supporting and spacing blocks, for filling of small unevenness and for additional sealing of seams and transitions. And best of all: no room-side sealing is needed.
Both INSEBO® Window Connection Systems (a smart combination of high-quality INSEBO® products) meet all the requirements for high-quality window connection joints. They have been extensively tested by Holzforschung Austria in accordance with Austrian standards ÖNORM B 5320/5321. In addition, the customer benefits from more than 20 further tests that underline and distinguish the performance of the system components.

The INSEBO® Window Connection System at a glance:

  • suitable for any window sealing: for new construction and renovation, for narrow and wide joints
  • time and cost saving
  • no more room-side sealing required which reduces installation costs by up to 15% compared to conventional window sealing systems with additional internal sealing level
  • demonstrably airtight, impact rain proof, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing

Addition for lift & slide doors

Hannoband THERM for lift & slide doors
Hannoband THERM for lift & slide doors

What hast to be expected with lift & slide door installations in new buildings is that the overlying top storey ceiling can bend over the months. This deflection must be absorbed as soft as possible in order to avoid that the underlying lift & slide door element is compressed. In order to pass on as little force as possible to the element while still achieving optimal heat and sound insulation, the pre-compressed joint sealing tape Hannoband THERM is used indoors as the insulation material and the foil tape Folienband FI Easy for airtightness. Of course, also this combination was successfully tested according to Austrian standards ÖNORM B 5320/5321. Reveal and parapet area are made as described above with the INSEBO FA Easy window connection system.